Addrock Stone Walls

Rock Retaining Walls, Excavation and Landscaping

This business is owned and operated by Roland Otte - "Rolly" to his friends and many satisfied customers for over a period of more than 21 years in the South East Queensland and Northern Rivers area of NSW.

Roland has a reputation for supplying the highest grade stone and boulders in this area. This stone is principally basalt, formed from the lava flows of the Mount Warning volcano millions of years ago. This rock comes in sizes ranging from hand size up to 1.5 metres with flat sides perfect for building retaining walls. If you have a project in mind or simply need some rocks for landscaping or other purposes you have come to the right place. If you are not sure of the possibilities, contact us and we shall take it from there.

Managing rock and stone construction and building retaining walls is a major undertaking, protect yourself with some expert opinion before taking the leap.

Excavation and House Pads.

With more than 20 years experience in preparing House Pads, Addrock pride themselves on quality, timing and the ability to operate to a budget and still give the best service and end result.

Our wide range of equipment in the construction of house pads have made Addrock first choice for engineers and builders.

We have been sub contracting to builders from the Northern Rivers area to the Gold Coast simply because of our geological knowledge, professional workmanship and customer satisfaction.

All house pads are constructed with consideration to the flow of the land and eventual landscaping project once your house has been built.

We believe that we are one of the best companies that will provide you with a highest quality house pad in Gold Coast and Brisbane region while fitting in your budget and high expectation.

A snapshot at our services:

● Construction of Rock Walls.
● Terracing and Profiling.
● Suppliers of Bush Rock.
● Quarried orange/brown coloured basalt & sandstone.
● Clearing, shaping and filling.
● Rock Wall Engineering Certificates.
● Machinery for hire - Excavators with grabs - dozer, bobcat, tip trucks to move and place your material.